Puta Breath is a creeper  indica mix strain, Wedding cake crossed with Mendo breath, a Thug Pug special strain. This is a great strain for fighting inflammation or  asthma sufferers, due to a high amount of the terpenes Pinene, Caryophyllene and Linalool which give it a sweet and sharp, floral and spice aroma. These dense nuggets are a gorgeous deep purple, green with bright orange hairs all covered by amber coloured trichomes that when busted give off more of that soothing aroma. Puta breath will keep you awake and will not burn you out but at the same time the calming effects will also allow you to fall asleep easier by relieving you of pain, stress, anxiety or depression. Puta Breath is a great go to strain because of its wide variety of healing properties and should be one of the first strains you reach for when you wake up if you want to start your day bright.

Puta Breath